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Weekend Short Race

Race Number5Start Time11:00:00No. of Races17Discards3
BoatSkipperSail No.HandicapFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimePositionPointsAchieved HandicapAdjusted H’cap
ApparitionG Mackay930C103612:18:1901:18:1901:15:361110041031
Pole StarR Garner5601GBR116812:33:5101:33:5101:20:212212041173
SeahorseD Burnett124613:15:0002:15:0001:48:213317311246

Edinburgh Regatta 25/26 June 2022

Hosted by Royal Forth YC and Forth Corinthian YC – Granton, Edinburgh

Windward/Leeward Racing for Fast/Slow keelboats & Sports/Day boats

Passage racing for Cruisers

Food & drink in the RFYC clubhouse before & after racing

Further information, please contact:

Howard Thompson (FCYC) howard.thompson2@btinternet-com

Sarah Roberson (RFYC)

Entry form:


Sailing Programme 2022

1Sat9Lift in20:0720:078:00Mark Hartswood
2Wed20Wednesday Race Coaching (1)18:0620:1319:00
3Wed20RFYC Evening Series Early 1/618:0620:2918:00RFYC
4Thu21RFYC Evening Series Early 2/618:5620:3118:00RFYC
5Fri22Friday White Sail 1() (L)19:5620:3319:00Eddie Myatt
6Sat23Port Edgar Stern Chase8:1620:3510:30John McLaren
Sun24(Overnight at PEYC)20:3720:37John McLaren
7Sat30Commodore’s Parade of Sail15:2120:4912:00George Mackay
8Sun1Cruise In Company (1)15:5919:5011:30Willy Barr
9Wed4Wednesday Race Coaching (2)17:5019:5619:00
10Wed4RFYC Evening Series Early 3/917:5020:5719:00RFYC
11Thu5RFYC Evening Series Early 4/618:2820:5919:00RFYC
12Fri6Friday White Sail (2) (S)19:1020:0019:00Ken Allan
13Sat7Wilson Cup (RFYC West Cup) JPR 17:2120:0310:00RFYC
14Sun8Bosun’s Locker Forth Series Div1 & Div28:1220:05TBAPEYC
15Sat14Wickes Stern Chase14:1120:1712:00Andy Black
16Sun15Weekend Short Race (1)14:5220:1912:00Pete Douglas
17Wed18Wednesday Race Coaching (3)17:0720:2514:00
18Wed18RFYC Evening Series Early 5/617:0721:2419:00RFYC
19Thu19RFYC Evening Series Early 6/617:5721:2619:00RFYC
20Fri20Friday White Sail (3) (L)18:5220:2919:00Colin Dunnett
21Sat21Robin Fowler Memorial Service14:00
22Sat28Weekend Short Race (2)14:1920:4513:00Frank Martin
23Sun29Cruise In Company (2)15:0020:4712:00Willy Barr
24Wed1Wednesday Race Coaching (4)16:5321:4619;00
25Wed1RFYC Evening Series Mid 1/616:5321:4618:30RFYC
26Thu2RFYC Evening Series Mid 2/617:2921:4819:00RFYC
27Fri3Friday White Sail (4) (S)18:0721:4919:00Andy Gunn
28Sat4Weekend Short Race (3)18:3221:5015:00Ian Dawson
29Sat4Anstruther Race and Muster18:3221:509:30Howard Thompson
Sun5(HW Anstruther BST shown)19:1721:51Howard Thompson
30Wed8RFYC Evening Series Mid 3/622:1921:5519:30RFYC
31Sat11Weekend Short Race (4)12:4421:5714:00Brian Pennycook
32Sun12Scott Shield / Crawford Cup JPR213:3721:5810:30RFYC
33Wed15Wednesday Race Coaching (5)16:0722:0018:00
35Mon20RFYC Evening Series Mid 4/620:4522:0219:00RFYC
36Sat25Edinburgh Regatta13:0422:0311:00FCYC/RFYC
37Sun26Edinburgh Regatta13:5622:0311:00FCYC/RFYC
38Wed29Wednesday Race Coaching (6)16:0022:0218:00
39Fri1Friday White Sail (6) (S)17:1122:0119:00Eddie North
40Wed6Wednesday Race Coaching (7)20:4021:5819:00
41Wed6RFYC Evening Series Mid 5/620:4021:5819:00RFYC
42Thu7RFYC Evening Series Mid 6/621:3521:5719:00RFYC
43Sat9Weekend Short Race (5)10:5921:5612:00John Hunter
44Sun10Weekend Short Race (6)12:0921:5411:00Keil McLachlan
45Sat16Weekend Short Race (7)17:3821:4714:00Mark Hartswood
46Sun17Weekend Short Race (8)18:2821:4515:00Graham Russell
47Wed20Wednesday Race Coaching (8)21:0721:4119:00
48Wed20RFYC Evening Series Late 1/621:0721:4119:00RFYC
49Thu21RFYC Evening Series Late 2/622:0221:3919:00RFYC
50Sat23Weekend Short Race (9)11:2721:3613:00Jason Hamilton
51Sun24Inchkeith Trophy JPR312:3321:3510:00Tom Louth
52Sat30Crew Helm Race /Aberdour BBQ16:5121:2414:00Tam Lochrie
53Wed3Wednesday Race Coaching (9)19:1921:1619:00
54Wed3RFYC Evening Series Late 3/619:1921:1619:00RFYC
55Thu4RFYC Evening Series Late 4/620:0421:1319:00RFYC
56Fri5Friday White Sail (7) (L)20:5521:1119:00George Mackay
57Fri5Bell Rock Race (Open Event)20:5521:1119:00Denis Wight
Sat6(Approx. 80Nm)9:0921:09Denis Wight
58Sat6Weekend Short Race (10)9:0921:0910:00Ken Allan
59Sun7Weekend Short Race (11)10:2321:0710:00John McLaren
60Fri12Friday White Sail (8) (S)15:4820:5618:00Ian Dawson
61Sat13Aberdour Annual Regatta (HW Aberdour 16:15). Invitation to Overnight Muster at Aberdour BC16:3320:5414:00Aberdour BC
62Sun14Weekend Short Race (12)17:1820:5114:00Howard Thompson
63Wed17Wednesday Race Coaching (10)19:3320:4419:00
64Wed17RFYC Festival Series19:3320:4418:30RFYC
Thu18(Open Event)20:2120:4218:30
65Fri19Friday White Sail (9) (L)21:1320:3919:00Brian Pennycook
66Sat20Cruise In Company Weekend9:3920:3712:00Willy Barr
67Sat27Weekend Short Race (13)15:5520:2014:00Pete Douglas
68Sun28Jubilee Cup JPR416:2720:1714:00John Anderson
69Wed31Wednesday Race Coaching (11)18:1020:0919:00
70Wed31RFYC Evening Series Late 5/618:1020:0918:30RFYC
71Thu1RFYC Evening Series Late 6/618:4920:0718:30RFYC
72Fri2Friday White Sail (10) (S)19:3220:0419:00Andy Gunn
73Sat10Marsh and Surry Cups JPR515:3219:4313:00Pete Douglas
74Sun11Weekend Short Race (14)16:1219:4114:00Andy Black
75Wed14Wednesday Race Coaching (12)18:1319:3319:00
76Sat16Friday White Sail (11) (L)19:3619:2719:00Eddie North
77Sat17Bass Rock Race and Muster7:5819:259:30Frank Martin
Sun188:5519:22Frank Martin
78Sun18Weekend Short Race (15)8:5519:2210:30Colin Dunnett
79Sat24Cruise In Company (3)14:5519:0612:00Willy Barr
80Sun25Weekend Short Race (16)15:2619:0414:00Nick Jake
81Wed28Wednesday Race Coaching (13)17:0518:5619:00
82Fri30Friday White Sail (12) (S)18:2118:5019:00Mark Hartswood
83Sat1Weekend Short Race (17)19:0518:4816:00Eddie Myatt
84Sat8Commodore’s Closing Regatta13:3218:3011:00Ken Allan
85Sat22Lift out15:1017:557:00Mark Hartswood