The following editions of the club newsletter, Fairwind, are available here as PDFs:

Summer 2023 Granton to Granton (Part 1), Ian Dawson; A West Coast Adventure, Dan Robertson; Cheap navigation and Autopiloting, Philip Leith; Rowing is opening up, Pat Lawson; The Interview: Pete Sherlock
Summer 2022 Another Successful Season of Sailing, Howard Thompson; A Cruising Adventure for 2022, Kenny Allan; The Interview: Howard Thompson; Explosive Iberian Voyage, Christina Leith; Festival Series.
Autumn 2021 Storm Arwen and Moorings; Reminiscences of a Rookie, Daniel Prince; New Member: Brynjar Olafsson; Competent Crew: A Steep Learning Curve, Christina Ford; Photo Competition Winner: Tom Louth; Prizegiving 2021.
Summer 2021 Third Covid Lift-in, Mark Hartswood; Three Corinthians in a Volcano (part 2), Mo Edwards; The Interview: Joe Ramsay; Sea Cadets, Andy Wharton; 1st Glass Eye.
Autumn 2020 New Sinkers, Mark Hartswood; Three Corinthians in a Volcano, Mo Edwards; Notes from a Small Boat, Dan Roberstson; A voyage to Canna and Back, Graham Russell; The Interview: Jim Glass; Another Lift  Under the Shadow of Covid, Mark Hartswood; New members: Andy Stampton, Daniel Prince, Reginaldo Dias and Tom Brady.
Summer 2019
Across the Channel and round the Island, Mik Gasz, with delivery crew Nick Janke and Jason Hamilton; The Interview: Paul Taylor; Anna Cox: Midsummer Challenge, Anna Cox; Racing and Cruising, Eddie Myatt; Workboat available for fun-filled winter boating, Andy Gunn.
Winter 2018 The year’s cruising and racing, workboat repairs, Martin Palmer, news on Rowers, Cadets, the regular Commodore’s Briefing, liftout 2018, delivery of Suspicion from Granton to its new home in Brighton and a profile of Ian Dawson
Summer 2018 The year’s cruising and racing roundup including Midsummer Challenge, news on Rowers, Cadets, Rockall and St Kilda voyage, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and a profile of John McLaren
Summer 2018 Beast from the East, Lift In, Paul Taylor in the Greek Isles, news on Rowers, Cadets, Harbour News, Winter Socials, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and a profile of Brian Pennycook
Winter 2017 The year’s cruising and racing, harbour news, the Granton Marina development, news on Rowers, Cadets, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and a profile of Denis Wight
Summer 2017 Midsummer challenge cancellation, cruising and racing update, harbour news, three centuries three bridges, news on Rowers, Cadets, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and a profile of George MacKay
Winter 2016 Winter Programme success, 2017 sailing Programme, Granton Harbour history, news on Rowers, Cadets, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and a profile of Frank Martin
Autumn 2016 Round up of the year’s cruising and racing, Paul Taylor and Ian Dawson’s delivery trip from Polynesia to Seattle, news on Rowers, Cadets, the regular Commodore’s Briefing and an interview with our new Sailing Secretary, Kenny Allan
Summer 2016 Summer Bumper Edition – 8 pages – East Coast Week, Commodore’s Briefing, Travels with Aros More, Midsummer Challenge, Northern Lighthouse Board, Sailing news, and much more!
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Spring 2016 After a gap, Fairwind is back! Lift-in 2016, Rowers, Cadets, Silver Lining, Events Calendar and much more.
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Autumn 2013 Rosie Swale special edition
Summer 2013 Granton Developments, Frank’s Racing News, Cruising Round up, New members: Falko Burkhart, Twitter, Aros More, 2013 Prizewinners
Autumn 2012 The September storm, End of season racing, New members: Chris Earl, Angus MacInnes, Niall Sinclair, Duncan & Sandy Morrison, Jamie Sutherland.Book review:Racundra.
Summer 2012 Move from 1 Granton Square, Frank’s 2012 racing round-up, Facebook pics, Lift-in news, Book review: Holy Smoke, Summer cruising plans.
Winter 2011 Lift out 2011, Obituries: Derek Dakers & Caroline Hoffman, Summer Cruising: Evening Star, New members: Greg Smith & Jimmie Hill, Shipfinder App, Anstruther Muster.
Summer 2011 Bell Block upgrade, Paul Taylor circumnavigation, Facebook, New members: Charlie Silverton, John Mitchell, Donald Reid, Gordon Murphy, Ian Martin, Mike Wight, Silwester & Aneta Wojcik
Spring 2011 Dumbo Special
Autumn 2010 Lift in 2010 with Dansa na Mara, Chris Nichols in America
Summer 2010 Edinburgh Regatta, Belle Ile at St Kilda, New members:Tony Kerr, Jim Glass, Cullum Stobie, Christine Kirkwood, Alex Tait, Bob Railton and Cameron Stewart, Corsair Progress.
Spring 2010 New mooring allocations, New members: Alec Martin, Mark Hartswood, Jason Cook, Keil MacLachlan, Tony Burgess, Prizegiving 2009 (sadly currently unavailable)
Autumn 2009 Rudderless Ian Dawson, Lift Out 2009 in pictures, Anstruther Muster, Meltemi Mooring drama.
Summer 2009 East Coast Sailing Week, Summer Crisuing: Stella Polaris, Evening Star, Counterfeit,
Optional Extra, Fettler, Hyskeir, Little Black Number, Dumbéa, New members:Ian Ferguson, Simon Monard, Brian Parrott
Spring 2009 New Year Sail, FCYC Quiz, New members: Fiona Harrison, Jim Cursiter , Kirkenes, Hugh and Anne McKenzie,
Winter 2008 Graham Crawford’s comments, Lift out 2008, New members:Jim & Sonja Brodie, Paul Taylor, Nigel Duncan, 2008 prizewinners
February 2001 Commodore’s Notes by Linda Pennycook, Corinthian goes from Sailing to Bowling by Melvyn Bond, Granton Developments by Graham Russell, Sailing News by Malcolm Blyth
September 2000 Cruising the Nile by Charles Jedrej, Sammie J in Gibraltar, Blyth Spirit story of a yacht delivery Denmark to Granton by Malcolm Blyth, Russia that’s where! by Stewart Boyd
March 2000 Granton Development, Members round up (Boat Jumble), The Trinity Cadets
September 1999 Granton Harbour Update, The Classic Malts Cruise, The Isle of Skye Edinburgh Regatta 21-22 August
June 1999 Granton Harbour Development: the development proposals for Granton Harbour could be the most important thing the Club faces this Millennium. Message from the Commodore by Paul Lough
August 1975 Another Newsletter with much prominence given to combatting bad behaviour by club members!
May 1974 The first edition of the FCYC Monthly Magazine, by Jane Linklater, Hon Secretary