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Christmas Party Time Again

Ahoy Corinthians!

It’s not long now until the always eagerly awaited FCYC Christmas Party and Prizegiving!

6:30pm on Saturday 9th December at Trinity Bowling Club, 

Lomond Road, Edinburgh 

After the prizegiving there will be a raffle, food, party games, and of course our ever popular FCYC Christmas Song. And the bar is open till 11pm! 


Joint Passage Races (JPR)

Series:Joint Passage RacesNumber of Races3Discards0
Boat NameSkipperSail NumberJPR1 28/05JPR5 05/08JPR4 10/09Total PointsSeries Position
Misty BlueB Pennycook / E North822C12581
Pole StarR Garner065395172
PotemkinP Leith1091203
SaraT Louth1206L10110214
Ingrid (RFYC)T Sell21010225
Keda lllS Ferguson00810310236
Kashangi llJ AndersonGN1885910247
SeahorseD Burnett1095247
CariadI GrayGN43610910299

2023 Sailing Season Programme Meeting

It’s time now to think about the coming season’s sailing programme. Last year’s pre-season meeting helped me a lot to set up the programme, which I hope you all enjoyed. For this reason, I would like to hold another meeting this year to see how you felt it went and what changes you might like to make to improve it.

Items I would like to discuss, include:
Long vs. short races
Length of series races
Race courses
Race Officer duties
Publishing of results and handicap adjustments
Wednesday evening coaching sessions
WhatsApp group communications
Joint RFYC/FCYC events
Sailing on Coronation day
Cruising in Company programme

To this end, I’ll be hosting a gathering in the Bell Block on Saturday 21st January at 11:00a.m to which you are all invited. The more of you who can manage it, the better the feedback. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Sailing Sec.


Crew Race and Aberdour BBQ

The inaugural “Crew Helm Race” this coming Saturday – the 30th of July.

The race starts at 2pm finishing off with a BBQ at Aberdour Harbour. Forecast is currently looking quite favourable. Hope to see as many boats out as possible for an enjoyable sail and social event!


Weekend Short Race

Race Number5Start Time11:00:00No. of Races17Discards3
BoatSkipperSail No.HandicapFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimePositionPointsAchieved HandicapAdjusted H’cap
ApparitionG Mackay930C103612:18:1901:18:1901:15:361110041031
Pole StarR Garner5601GBR116812:33:5101:33:5101:20:212212041173
SeahorseD Burnett124613:15:0002:15:0001:48:213317311246

Sailing Programme 2022

1Sat9Lift in20:0720:078:00Mark Hartswood
2Wed20Wednesday Race Coaching (1)18:0620:1319:00
3Wed20RFYC Evening Series Early 1/618:0620:2918:00RFYC
4Thu21RFYC Evening Series Early 2/618:5620:3118:00RFYC
5Fri22Friday White Sail 1() (L)19:5620:3319:00Eddie Myatt
6Sat23Port Edgar Stern Chase8:1620:3510:30John McLaren
Sun24(Overnight at PEYC)20:3720:37John McLaren
7Sat30Commodore’s Parade of Sail15:2120:4912:00George Mackay
8Sun1Cruise In Company (1)15:5919:5011:30Willy Barr
9Wed4Wednesday Race Coaching (2)17:5019:5619:00
10Wed4RFYC Evening Series Early 3/917:5020:5719:00RFYC
11Thu5RFYC Evening Series Early 4/618:2820:5919:00RFYC
12Fri6Friday White Sail (2) (S)19:1020:0019:00Ken Allan
13Sat7Wilson Cup (RFYC West Cup) JPR 17:2120:0310:00RFYC
14Sun8Bosun’s Locker Forth Series Div1 & Div28:1220:05TBAPEYC
15Sat14Wickes Stern Chase14:1120:1712:00Andy Black
16Sun15Weekend Short Race (1)14:5220:1912:00Pete Douglas
17Wed18Wednesday Race Coaching (3)17:0720:2514:00
18Wed18RFYC Evening Series Early 5/617:0721:2419:00RFYC
19Thu19RFYC Evening Series Early 6/617:5721:2619:00RFYC
20Fri20Friday White Sail (3) (L)18:5220:2919:00Colin Dunnett
21Sat21Robin Fowler Memorial Service14:00
22Sat28Weekend Short Race (2)14:1920:4513:00Frank Martin
23Sun29Cruise In Company (2)15:0020:4712:00Willy Barr
24Wed1Wednesday Race Coaching (4)16:5321:4619;00
25Wed1RFYC Evening Series Mid 1/616:5321:4618:30RFYC
26Thu2RFYC Evening Series Mid 2/617:2921:4819:00RFYC
27Fri3Friday White Sail (4) (S)18:0721:4919:00Andy Gunn
28Sat4Weekend Short Race (3)18:3221:5015:00Ian Dawson
29Sat4Anstruther Race and Muster18:3221:509:30Howard Thompson
Sun5(HW Anstruther BST shown)19:1721:51Howard Thompson
30Wed8RFYC Evening Series Mid 3/622:1921:5519:30RFYC
31Sat11Weekend Short Race (4)12:4421:5714:00Brian Pennycook
32Sun12Scott Shield / Crawford Cup JPR213:3721:5810:30RFYC
33Wed15Wednesday Race Coaching (5)16:0722:0018:00
35Mon20RFYC Evening Series Mid 4/620:4522:0219:00RFYC
36Sat25Edinburgh Regatta13:0422:0311:00FCYC/RFYC
37Sun26Edinburgh Regatta13:5622:0311:00FCYC/RFYC
38Wed29Wednesday Race Coaching (6)16:0022:0218:00
39Fri1Friday White Sail (6) (S)17:1122:0119:00Eddie North
40Wed6Wednesday Race Coaching (7)20:4021:5819:00
41Wed6RFYC Evening Series Mid 5/620:4021:5819:00RFYC
42Thu7RFYC Evening Series Mid 6/621:3521:5719:00RFYC
43Sat9Weekend Short Race (5)10:5921:5612:00John Hunter
44Sun10Weekend Short Race (6)12:0921:5411:00Keil McLachlan
45Sat16Weekend Short Race (7)17:3821:4714:00Mark Hartswood
46Sun17Weekend Short Race (8)18:2821:4515:00Graham Russell
47Wed20Wednesday Race Coaching (8)21:0721:4119:00
48Wed20RFYC Evening Series Late 1/621:0721:4119:00RFYC
49Thu21RFYC Evening Series Late 2/622:0221:3919:00RFYC
50Sat23Weekend Short Race (9)11:2721:3613:00Jason Hamilton
51Sun24Inchkeith Trophy JPR312:3321:3510:00Tom Louth
52Sat30Crew Helm Race /Aberdour BBQ16:5121:2414:00Tam Lochrie
53Wed3Wednesday Race Coaching (9)19:1921:1619:00
54Wed3RFYC Evening Series Late 3/619:1921:1619:00RFYC
55Thu4RFYC Evening Series Late 4/620:0421:1319:00RFYC
56Fri5Friday White Sail (7) (L)20:5521:1119:00George Mackay
57Fri5Bell Rock Race (Open Event)20:5521:1119:00Denis Wight
Sat6(Approx. 80Nm)9:0921:09Denis Wight
58Sat6Weekend Short Race (10)9:0921:0910:00Ken Allan
59Sun7Weekend Short Race (11)10:2321:0710:00John McLaren
60Fri12Friday White Sail (8) (S)15:4820:5618:00Ian Dawson
61Sat13Aberdour Annual Regatta (HW Aberdour 16:15). Invitation to Overnight Muster at Aberdour BC16:3320:5414:00Aberdour BC
62Sun14Weekend Short Race (12)17:1820:5114:00Howard Thompson
63Wed17Wednesday Race Coaching (10)19:3320:4419:00
64Wed17RFYC Festival Series19:3320:4418:30RFYC
Thu18(Open Event)20:2120:4218:30
65Fri19Friday White Sail (9) (L)21:1320:3919:00Brian Pennycook
66Sat20Cruise In Company Weekend9:3920:3712:00Willy Barr
67Sat27Weekend Short Race (13)15:5520:2014:00Pete Douglas
68Sun28Jubilee Cup JPR416:2720:1714:00John Anderson
69Wed31Wednesday Race Coaching (11)18:1020:0919:00
70Wed31RFYC Evening Series Late 5/618:1020:0918:30RFYC
71Thu1RFYC Evening Series Late 6/618:4920:0718:30RFYC
72Fri2Friday White Sail (10) (S)19:3220:0419:00Andy Gunn
73Sat10Marsh and Surry Cups JPR515:3219:4313:00Pete Douglas
74Sun11Weekend Short Race (14)16:1219:4114:00Andy Black
75Wed14Wednesday Race Coaching (12)18:1319:3319:00
76Sat16Friday White Sail (11) (L)19:3619:2719:00Eddie North
77Sat17Bass Rock Race and Muster7:5819:259:30Frank Martin
Sun188:5519:22Frank Martin
78Sun18Weekend Short Race (15)8:5519:2210:30Colin Dunnett
79Sat24Cruise In Company (3)14:5519:0612:00Willy Barr
80Sun25Weekend Short Race (16)15:2619:0414:00Nick Jake
81Wed28Wednesday Race Coaching (13)17:0518:5619:00
82Fri30Friday White Sail (12) (S)18:2118:5019:00Mark Hartswood
83Sat1Weekend Short Race (17)19:0518:4816:00Eddie Myatt
84Sat8Commodore’s Closing Regatta13:3218:3011:00Ken Allan
85Sat22Lift out15:1017:557:00Mark Hartswood

FCYC Jumble 26th March

Ahoy Corinthians! We are holding a Boat Jumble sale at the yard on Saturday 26th of March, starting at 13.00hrs.

Time to clear out those garages, sheds, car boots, boat lockers and wherever you keep those boating bits n pieces no longer needed! Or try one of the Smij stall’s homemade cupcakes! 

Donations of £10 from sales at each stall will go to the RNLI.

Please note, all unmarked Tenders and Outboards in the yard and outboard shed will be sold at the FCYC stall, so get down to the yard before the 26th and make sure your belongings are clearly labelled to avoid having to buy them back at the jumble!