Friday White Sail Early 5

Date:23/06/2023Race:Friday White Sail 5Race Officer:A Stampton
Boat NameSkipperSail NumberStarting HandicapStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeNumber of LapsAv Lap TimeCorrected Lap TimePositionPointsAchieved HandicapAdjusted Handicap
HizYaWizzK AllanH39100219:00:0019:50:3100:50:3120:25:160:25:1211956995
EclipseC DunnettGBR958598519:00:0019:54:2500:54:2520:27:130:27:38221030991
Kashangi llJ AndersonGN188130819:00:0020:15:5001:15:5020:37:550:29:003314351308
Pole StarR Garner5601GBR116319:00:0020:13:2401:13:2420:36:420:31:334413891163
JesterM Palmer2611C134919:00:0019:43:4100:43:4110:43:410:32:235516531349

One thought on “Friday White Sail Early 5

  1. Ken Allan

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for being so generous with my handicap!
    HizzYaWizz no longer sails off 1002. FYCA changed it to 997 this year and O believe you should start me on 997.
    Thanks for doing a great job on the results!


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