Leaderboard: Friday White Sail Early

Series:Friday White Sail EarlyNumber of Races6Discards2

Entries in bold italics represent average points for OODs and will change as more results are added.

Boat NameSkipperSail NumberFWS1 28/04FWS2 12/05FWS3 26/05FWS4 09/06FWS5 23/06FWS6 07/07Total PointsSeries Position
IndulgenceP DouglasGBR3641Y1110101141
EclipseC DunnettGBR9585101312672
Misty BlueB Pennycook / E North822C23110105113
SaraT Louth1206L3253107134
Kashangi llJ AndersonGN1884441034155
JesterM Palmer2611C10104453166
Pole StarR Garner06551021048197
HizYaWizzK AllanH391010101012238
DoradoM HartswoodK-74351010101010359