Winter Events 2018/2019

19:30hrs                TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER                            SPLICING
Phil Chester, our Splicing Guru will be taking us through the Eye Splice and the Back Splice
We will also learn not only one, but two whippings!!
This will be a first Off the Water Training evening.
Not only do we learn, but also we have a good get together on these evenings!
19:30hrs                TUESDAY 8th JANUARY                                KNOT WORKSHOP
John Hunter, one of our ‘Knotty Specialists’ will share his knowledge and enthusiasm for knots on this evening.
No need to bring warp, halyards, sheets or string. John will supply the bits and pieces. Just come along and enjoy the evening with other Corinthians!
19:30hrs                TUESDAY 15th JANUARY                                RACE OFFICER DUTY
Howard Thompson will take us through the Race Officer Duty. There are a couple of changes that would interest all Members who already take on Duties as Race Officer. Howard will also open the eyes of those less confident who may be appointed RO duty this coming year.
Our following Tuesday Off the Water Training nights for February, March and April will be decided after our first Sailing Committee Meeting on 13 December.
We hope you will all be able to take the night off your Christmas Shopping to attend this first Tuesday date.
If you intend coming along it would be helpful to know ahead of time, so please drop me a mail, however if you do/will not know until the night, just come along …we will find you a bit of rope to splice!!