Cruise in Company – Inchkeith Harbour Sunday 14th August 2016

Destination Inchkeith Harbour– H.W. 1225hrs (B.S.T.)

For the fourth and final in our series of ‘Cruise in Company’ events the proposal is to head to Inchkeith Harbour. The tides are still ‘neepie’ (range 2.6m) and wind forecast is for light westerlies (7 – 9 kts). Getting there should be easy sail or motor sail (trail your mackerel lines!) but looks like it will be an iron spinnaker home. Once in the harbour berthing is likely to be to raft up – similar to the arrangement we had at Burntisland.

 Meet at Granton on the pontoon at 11.00am

Enjoy your picnic lunch and refreshment while rafted up with other club boats and for the more energetic – a wee dawnder up to Inchkeith Lighthouse might be in order.

Enjoyable motor/sail-in-company back to Granton aiming to leaving the island around 2.00pm

Everyone encouraged to join in the cruise including families, children, dogs and dinghies!

Willy Barr


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