Leaderboard: Friday White Sail Late

Series:Friday White Sail LateNumber of Races5Discards1
Boat NameSkipperSail NumberFWS1 21/07FWS2 04/08FWS4 01/09FWS5 08/09FWS6 22/09Total PointsSeries Position
HizYaWizzK AllanH3921211151
IndulgenceP DouglasGBR3641Y12122382
Kashangi llJ AndersonGN188364125183
SaraT Louth1206L1212254234
Pole StarR Garner0654671212295
Herring (RFYC)K1412126122326
PotemkinP Leith12123512327
Misty BlueB Pennycook / E North822C12441212328
EclipseC DunnettGBR9585121121212379
Timania (RFYC)R Maspero28551212125124110
DoradoM HartswoodK-7431261212124211

Strike through entries are each boat’s discard. Bold/Italic entries are a Race Officer’s Average Points score.


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