Friday White Sail Results

The first two Friday White Sail races were abandoned due to lack of wind so it was a bit of a relief to get the series off the ground on 22 June where the results of FWS 3 were as follows:

  1. Kashangi II
  2. Smij
  3. Eclipse
  4. Indulgence

The same four boats contested the Friday White Sail 4 on 6 July with the following slightly different finish:

  1. Kashangi II
  2. Indulgence
  3. Eclipse
  4. SmiJ

Congratulations to John and crew on Kashangi for a clean sweep so far as we look forward to the next instalment on Friday 20 July.


Ladies Race Results

Congratulations to Linda Thompson for successfully helming Misty Blue to victory in last Saturdays Ladies Race.  The results are as follows: 
1.  Misty Blue – Linda Thompson
2.  Indulgence – Kate Carter
3.  Selkie – Emma Conroy
4.  SmiJ – Sue Martin

Inchkeith Trophy Results

Thank goodness a little breeze filled in to allow a start for this years Inchkeith Trophy or it would have been the third event in a row to suffer a cancellation due to lack of wind.  Three boats took part in a very pleasant couple of hours sail round the course with the finishing order – Brave, Eclipse and Misty Blue.  This did not change after applying the handicaps so congratulations to Brave on winning their first Corinthian trophy.

  1. Brave
  2. Eclipse
  3. Misty Blue

This Weeks Sailing – Dunbar Weekend

Two events in one this weekend with destination Dunbar for their annual music festival. Please see link below for a note from Willy for the final Cruise in Company which also has a handy link to the music festival programme. It should also be noted that this is included in this years racing programme so please see the handbook for details. As the race pretty much mirrors the cruise why don’t all boats just take a start and finish time per the instructions. And if you don’t have a handicap no need to worry as Ken is more than happy to supply one.

There is healthy interest so far including: Malin; Eclipse; Misty Blue; Early Bird; Belle Ile and Kashangi II so it would be great if others could join us. Tides are a wee bit awkward but not impossible and the weather at this stage looks much more promising than it was last year. Please contact Ken, Willy or myself if anyone has any concerns or wishes to talk through anything.

So, whether you intend to cruise down in company leaving at 10.30am on Friday or any other time on Friday or Saturday, or you choose to race on Friday or Saturday it would be good to see as many as can make it for some fun in Dunbar.

Hopefully see you there!

Dunbar Weekend 2017 


Results, results, results

It looks like I may have been a little remiss about sharing some of the results from recent races. So congratulations to all the winners, second and third places and so on.

JPR 3 Surry Cup

1. Indulgence
2. Zero Proof
3. Eclipse

Malin, Misty Blue and SmiJ all retired due to lack of wind
JPR 3 Marsh Cup

Kashangi II and Amare both retired due to lack of wind
JPR 4 Jubilee Cup

1. Wizz Too
2. Zero Proof
3. Meteor
4. Apparition
5. Misty Blue
6. Eclipse

Humdinger retired
Friday White Sail 8 (re-calculated due to incompetence!)

1. Indulgence
2. Humdinger
3. Brave
4. Kashangi II
5. SmiJ
6. Eclipse


Ladies Race – Results

Congratulations to Misty Blue for sailing to first place in the Ladies Race – swear that engine was on as they sailed right through the fleet after a slow start. This event was really well attended this year and full results below:

1. Misty Blue
2. Indulgence
3. Eclipse
4. Tasara
5. Kashangi II

SmiJ retired after having an argument with a coaster and a channel buoy (twice I hear!!) as did Malin who I think were just thirsty. Joining up with those that cruised to Aberdour saw a magnificent fleet of 10 Corinthian boats moored against the harbour wall.


Sun 13 August – Marsh & Surry Cups – Start Time Amendment now 4.45pm


The postponed Marsh and Surry Cups will now take place on Sunday 13 August at 5.30pm using the following race instructions:


HW Approx: 19:22hrs Start time: 17:30hrs Sunday 13 August 2017

All Yachts Numeral 1

The starting line will be between the mast of Committee Boat displaying an Orange Flag & RFYC Mark H.

CAPITALS TO PORT – lower case to starboard

MARSH (HC =>1100) Green Flag: start(h), rfyc’m’, wg, LA, z, finish (h)
Red Flag: START(H), RFYC ‘Z’, la, WG, RFYC ‘M’, FINISH (H)

SURRY (HC<1100) Green Flag: Start(h), rfyc ‘m’, pallas, LA, rfyc ‘s’, finish(h)
The finishing line will be between RFYC Mark H and the black and white marks on the corner of the disused race box on the NE corner of the East Breakwater.

For the purpose of Scoring towards the Joint Passage Race Series, the Place in the class a yacht achieves will be their score for the race within the Joint Passage Race Series.

Prizes will be awarded as per FCYC General Sailing Instructions plus
Surry Cup 1st FCYC Club Member H/C < 1100
Marsh Cup 1st FCYC Club Member H/C = > 1100

7 TIME LIMITS Absolute Time limit is 20:15hrs


Friday White Sail 6 – Results

A record breaking turnout with 9 boats competing against each other and the light winds.  A very close and crowded first mark was the main excitement with most boats only managing to complete a single lap before the race was shortened.  Congratulations again to Ken and the Zero Proof crew.  Full results:

  1. Zero Proof
  2. Indulgence
  3. SmiJ
  4. Apparition
  5. Misty Blue
  6. Eclipse
  7. Dorado

Silver Lining and Eastie Beastie both recorded DNF’s