This Weeks Sailing

A total of three events to choose from this weekend.

Saturday 19 August – JPR 5 Scott Shield/Crawford Cup – the final event in the Joint Passage Race series held in conjunction with the Royal Forth. Corinthians will be racing for the Scott Shield using personal handicaps and also points for the Joint Series using the FYCA handicaps.

Sunday 20 August – Ladies Race – postponed from earlier in the season this race requires a female hand to steer round the full course (per the handbook) with boats being encouraged to muster at Aberdour Harbour for some post race socialising.

Sunday 20 August – Club Cruise – the fourth ‘official’ cruise of the season is to Aberdour Harbour to join with the racers in some apres sail. Please muster on the pontoons at 12.

So something for everyone. Hope to see as many of you as possible over the weekend and especially Sunday when the Corinthians invade Aberdour.




Sun 13 August – Marsh & Surry Cups – Start Time Amendment now 4.45pm


The postponed Marsh and Surry Cups will now take place on Sunday 13 August at 5.30pm using the following race instructions:


HW Approx: 19:22hrs Start time: 17:30hrs Sunday 13 August 2017

All Yachts Numeral 1

The starting line will be between the mast of Committee Boat displaying an Orange Flag & RFYC Mark H.

CAPITALS TO PORT – lower case to starboard

MARSH (HC =>1100) Green Flag: start(h), rfyc’m’, wg, LA, z, finish (h)
Red Flag: START(H), RFYC ‘Z’, la, WG, RFYC ‘M’, FINISH (H)

SURRY (HC<1100) Green Flag: Start(h), rfyc ‘m’, pallas, LA, rfyc ‘s’, finish(h)
The finishing line will be between RFYC Mark H and the black and white marks on the corner of the disused race box on the NE corner of the East Breakwater.

For the purpose of Scoring towards the Joint Passage Race Series, the Place in the class a yacht achieves will be their score for the race within the Joint Passage Race Series.

Prizes will be awarded as per FCYC General Sailing Instructions plus
Surry Cup 1st FCYC Club Member H/C < 1100
Marsh Cup 1st FCYC Club Member H/C = > 1100

7 TIME LIMITS Absolute Time limit is 20:15hrs

Friday White Sail 6 – Results

A record breaking turnout with 9 boats competing against each other and the light winds.  A very close and crowded first mark was the main excitement with most boats only managing to complete a single lap before the race was shortened.  Congratulations again to Ken and the Zero Proof crew.  Full results:

  1. Zero Proof
  2. Indulgence
  3. SmiJ
  4. Apparition
  5. Misty Blue
  6. Eclipse
  7. Dorado

Silver Lining and Eastie Beastie both recorded DNF’s

This Weeks Sailing

Main event for the Corinthians this coming week is our second Club Cruise on Sunday 9 July.  Always popular with family and friends for a relaxing time on and off water.  So why not get your boat off that mooring and join in.  Destination details to follow nearer the time.

For those not participating and wishing to race Aberdour Boat Club has its regatta on Saturday 8 July and it’s Burntislands turn on Sunday 9 July.


Wilson Cup and JPR2 – Results

Nine boats turned out for the second of our Joint Passage Race series in conjunction with the Royal Forth.  Very good starts by all led to some close racing to Channel Buoy 7, followed by a fast spinnaker leg behind Inchkeith before the wind died on the beat back.  Race shortened at RFYC mark Z to be fair to the slower boats.  Obviously when these decisions are made it wasn’t long before the wind filled in nicely!

The results for the Wilson Cup are:

  1. Misty Blue
  2. Apparition
  3. SmiJ

The overall results for the Joint Passage Race are as follows:

  1. Meteor
  2. Hannah
  3. Misty Blue
  4. Wizz Too
  5. Stargazer
  6. Apparition
  7. SmiJ
  8. Timania
  9. Skimmer

Friday White Sail 2 – Results

What a great evening – nice wind, sunshine and some pretty close sailing!  Back to the traditional staggered start this time and a refreshingly new course selected by the Race Officers.  Would you believe 3 boats had elapsed times within 18 seconds of each other.  Personal handicaps have been adjusted again and will be used for the next White Sail on 16 June.

The final results are noted below:

1. Eclipse
2. SmiJ
3. Dorado
4. Malin
5. Kashangi II
6. Maxine

Sail, Run, Row – Postponed due to forecast

Saturday 27 May – Sail, Run, Row

In conjunction with the Newhaven Coastal Rowers this eagerly anticipated fixture features sailors, runners and rowers come together in an exciting relay race.  Whilst competitive this is a fantastic day out for the participants, onlookers and friends and family culminating in a BBQ and prize giving.  Truly a great social occasion so why not come along and support one of the key events on the FCYC calendar.